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Rachel is a charter member and runs an Fertile Soul clinic in Mountain View, CA. She has trained extensively with her mentor and best-selling author of “The Infertility Cure” Dr. Randine Lewis and continues to consult on cases on a bi-weekly basis with the objective of providing exceptional patient care.
The ABORM is a non-profit 501(C)6 corporation devoted to teaching, research, and the practice of Oriental Medicine as it relates to the treatment of reproductive disorders.
Rachel is a professional member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. This site provides information on current western medical interventions and ART in the treatment of infertility and also publishes the online version of Fertility and Sterility, a leading journey in Reproductive medicine and technology.
Rachel is a founding member of this professional group of affiliated Acupuncturists who specialize in the holistic treatment of Infertility in the Bay Area.

Green Medicine Institute
Rachel is on faculty at this prestigious international medicine forum.
A resource to women and couples on their fertility path, this is the website of Open Path, the Northern California chapter of the patient oriented RESOLVE. Providing resources, referrals and support groups throughout the bay area.

Acupuncture Infertility Vancouver BC Canada
Acubalance Wellness Center: Traditional Chinese Medicine Infertility Treatment Clinic.

Thrive Integrative Health Acupuncture Inc.

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